The Ratcatcher


A Solo only game with Cheese!

The Tail so far...

The Kingdom of Brie has made a breakthrough of stunning proportions in the field of magical cheese! This new cheese seems to be able to do anything and everything, including attracting the attention of every rat from across the world.  The Kingdom is now suffering a rat plague - infested from top to bottom with a ravenous horde of ill tempered rodents, all hunting for the Magic Cheese.

You are the Ratcatcher! The only person capable of dispelling the plague suffered by Brie and returning the realm to peace. You know the ways of the rats and must use all your skills, bravery, and cunning in order to defeat them. 

But beware: The rats are beginning to change, and it's not for the better, so hurry!

Player Count: 1

Gameplay: 30-45 mins

Recommended Age: 12+


Quality Components

  • Over 60 custom Rat maples (Ratples), 
  • 10 unique screen printed character/Nemesis tokens.
  • Dual  layered  player  boards
  • All  cards  are  300gsm  tarot sized cards  
  • 12  Custom Shaped magic  cheese  tokens.
  • and  much  more!


Challenging and Replay-able

With  4  unique  Ratcatchers  and  2  very  challenging  Nemesis  The  Ratcatchers  offers a  great  range  of  combinations  to  entice  player  to  come  back  for  more.  

Each  play  through  will  feature  a  different  township  drawn  from  a  deck  of  over  20  varient  cards  as  well  as  vsriable  special  additions  that  add  further  to  the  townships  unique  construction.  

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Game Play Through

Jesse from the Quackalope has a great time showing us through a game of the Ratcatcher.

How to Play & Review

Join Lee from Geek City USA as he takes us through the Ratcatcher, Solo Adventure advanced prototype. 

Offical Play Through

Join game designer Matthew Aslin for a play through of The Ratcatcher .



Horror in the Australian Bush.

A co-operative ramdomised tile exploration survival game where players take the role of campers in the Australian bush. The night is still and dark, beware the movement in the trees, you will never know when the Dropbears will attack. In Dropbear’s, your goal is simple, survive until dawn. Each player controls the actions of a camper, who together must explore the unknown hidden Australian bush (creating the game board as the game progresses). Using their own unique abilities and co-operative teamwork, the campers must outwit and outlast the Dropbears who will hunt them using an innovative A.I mechanic. Players’ must manage the risk of their own exploration as their selected actions may result in unpredictable (potentially perilous), semi-random interactions with the game board.  Dropbears is a fast-paced, action-oriented play experience where players jump between cautious planning and wonton panic as they endeavour to outlast the game’s turn limit and survive until dawn.  

Player Count: 2 - 4 

Playtime: 30-45 mins

Age: 16+



Survival Cooperative play, Tile Exploration, Unique “Panic” mechanic, Thrilling AI Dropbears that will hunt down the Campers.  .


Whats in the box?

CONTENTS: 60 Hexagonal Locations tiles, 8 unique and varied Campers, 3 distinctive Dropbears and over 40 Item cards.